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Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

Top 10 Places To Visit In The World

No matter what side of the planet you may live on, there is always a warm sunny beach somewhere. Whether you’re thinking about a local summer vacation or a winter get-a-way, there are affordable vacation packages ready to whisk you away to another place of the world.

Out of the 195 nations in the world, there are a number of countries that reign supreme in terms of holiday-maker popularity worldwide.

Among the many countries that are considered mostly visited by travelers are France, United States, Spain, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Canada and Germany. All of these countries have something distinct to give that attract many tourists to discover.


In France, there were around 81.9 million tourists recorded in 2007 making it the number one most visited region in the world. Its well-known tourist sites include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Muse d’Orsay, Arc de Triomphe to name a few.

Montsegur – If you and your honey are the outdoorsy types, hit Montsegur to climb the famed Pog Mountain. While the climb is tough, the reward at the top is intense. Situated there are the ruins of a Cathar castle, and the final stand of the religious sect during the Middle Ages.


The atmospheric ruins will leave their impression. There are also striking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Stay the night at L’Oustal, and indulge in an hours-long dinner with the proprietors.

Paris – Think romance, and most people immediately think Paris. That’s for a reason. This ever-charming city is a wonderful place to wander, hand-in-hand. Walk out onto a bridge over the Seine and kiss.


Sip coffee and watch the world go by. La vie en rose, to be sure!

United States

New York City – Catch a Broadway show, take in a museum or catch a taping of “Saturday Night Live.” Special events in the summer include the Tribeca Film Festival, the Museum Mile Festival, Summer Restaurant Week and Shakespeare in the Park.

Las Vegas – It may be witheringly hot in the desert, but the casinos on the Strip really cool things down. Catch Cirque du Soleil or a magic show, pig out at a buffet, and try your luck at roulette or blackjack.

Las Vegas

Orlando – The theme park capital of the world is, not surprisingly, the top family destination. Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World are the major draws, but there are plenty of smaller venues as well.


Barcelona – Catalonia has a different feel than the rest of Spain and Barcelona is unique in Catalonia. Perhaps it is the uplifting contribution of Gaudi’s architecture or the Catalonian people; whatever it is, Barcelona is always one the most fanciest places in Spain.

Start your visit with a walk down La Rambla, then, see the Sagrada Familia, and the Barcelona Cathedral. Take in as much of the city and as many of Gaudi’s monuments as possible.

Madrid – Madrid is a remarkable city. The “must sees” of the city are Old Madrid, the Museo Del Prado, and the Palacio Real. Make no mistake, the museums; architecture, dining, and entertainment in Madrid are spectacular.


Seville – One of the grand cities of Spain, Seville attracts many tourists due to its splendid architecture and interesting attractions. Seville’s Cathedral ispopulardue to its architecture,its tomb of Christopher Columbus and the attractiveness of its noted bell tower (the Giralda). Cross the square and visit the Alcazar, a stunning, well preserved, medieval, Islamic palace.


China’s key tourist attractions comprise The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Shaolin Temple and the Temple of Heaven.

Situated at end of the Grand Canal, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and it is one of seven ancient national capitals in China. “It is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world” said by Marco Polo in the 13th century when he came to Hangzhou.

the Forbidden City

As mentioned China Tour Packages, Hangzhou gains the high reputation among domestic and foreign tourists!

Hangzhou’s history dates back to the start of the Qin dynasty (221 BC). When Marco Polo passed through the city in 13th century he called this city Kinsai and noted in amazement that Hangzhou had a circumference of 100 miles while its waters were vaulted by 12,000 bridges.

Although Hangzhou prospered greatly after it was linked with the Grand Canal in 610AD, it really came into its own after the Song dynasty was overthrown by the invading Jurchen, predecessors of the Manchus.

United Kingdom

Bournemouth: This town situated south west of Southampton on the south coast has a mild climate and has gorgeous beaches – excellent for a holiday. Bowling in Bournemouth has been around since 1906, and now caters to 1500 official members!

It is often called the bowling capital of southern England. There are several holiday packages available specifically suited to holidaying bowlers throughout the year, making Bournemouth an excellent destination for bowlers.

Devon: This is another popular destination for bowling holidays and has several hotels that specialise in bowling tours of all shapes and sizes. Frognel Hall Hotel in Torquay is one example that offers generous group discount rates and arranges travel, matches, and rink fees with several bowling clubs in Devon.


Another popular bowls hotel is the Manor Hotel. This is dubbed Devon’s most popular bowling hotel as it is within walking distance of two bowls clubs.


The most well-liked tourist locations in Italy are the Colosseum and the ruins of Pompeii with the very much visited cities of Venice, Rome, Naples, Milan and Florence.


The urban of Moscow and St. Petersburg are the heartland of Russia which become a spotlight for most holiday-makers visiting the country. The most famous tourist places are old cities of Suzdal, Rostov, Sergiev Posad and Vladimir to name a few.

Sergiev Posad

Top on the guests’ important list are Kizhi, the seat of Old Russian wooden architecture, and St. Petersburg, the heart of religious activities.


Mexico presents several tourist locations that you wish to come back for after visiting the place. These locations are Acapulco where the Coyuca Lagoon is positioned and where visitors can have water activities such as snorkeling, fishing and more.


Monterrey also has some stunning spots such as the Cathedral, Museum of Mexican History and the Cathedral.


Canada is a region with diverse culture that offers many scenic tourist spots. The famous Niagara Falls can be viewed in Ontario, Canada. Banff National Park and Horseshoe Falls add up to Canada’s charm as a preferred tourist destination.


Germany’s most visited spots are situated in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, and Cologne. Tourists don’t want to neglect the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Romantic Road, Dachau, the Black Forest and the Frisian Islands.

Neuschwanstein Castle

These are just a few of the hottest, most vibrant locations in the world, with unique cultures and friendly locals just waiting to start you on the adventure of your life.

Research well, pack light and embark on a journey of self-discovery throughout the most beautiful locations in the world.

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Ways To Encourage Self Help

Ways To Encourage Self Help

Self Help SkillsAs children grow they get the drive to be independent and willingness to do more tasks.

For children to have an effective development process parents and caregivers should give them the opportunity to take on more responsibilities.

Self-help skills including dressing and feeding enable kids to practice their motor skills and gain confidence to try out new things.

It is very important for kids to develop skills such as self-esteem and hygiene right from a young stage.

Attributes such as self motivation have a massive impact in their lives. A self motivated kid tends to perform better in school. This study looks into the most effective strategies to encourage self help.

Strategies to Encourage Self Help

Encourage Optimism

This involves focusing on how to find solutions instead of dwelling on failures or setbacks. A parent or guardian can help a kid be more optimistic by encouraging them to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

Furthermore, the parent of person encouraging self help should lead by example and be optimistic in their approach as young children tend to take on many attributes f their parents.

Encourage Persistence

This involves rewarding effort not just success. By rewarding every effort that the child makes, you help them build resilience in life. A kid will be able to face failures and rather than getting stuck in the failure they will be able to continue the trying process until they succeed.

A good example is when a child tries to dress themselves; a parent can praise them for the effort even though the child was not able to put on the clothes properly.

Deal With Failure

This step is often overlooked but a parent should teach their kids how to cope with failure. A child should know that they will sometimes fail and they should be able to deal with rejection and failure.

A parent can show the young one how to lose gracefully or win with dignity as this will enable them to deal with successes or setbacks later on life.

Make Success Possible

Ensure that you are able to give the young kid the chance to be successful. Your child deserves every opportunity in the world and by allowing them to get a taste of the the positive emotions caused by success their will yearn for the success.

Foster Their Interests

Fostering a child’s interests involve motivating them to try out new things an activities that do interest them. By trying out new things a kid will be able to comprehend the concepts learn in school.

Adapt to the child’s Learning Style

While some children will just listen to information others are more drawn to picking up new objects and figuring out how to use them. By adapting to how the child likes to learn, you will make the learning process fun and less stressful for you.

While helping kids develop self-help skills such as hygiene, self feeding, independence and chores is important the way in which you help the kids understand the activity will either make them resent them or embrace them.

Encourage Self Help

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15 Ways To Improve Self Esteem

15 Ways To Improve Self Esteem

Take Inventory

When it comes to raising self-esteem, it’s easy to tell ourselves that we’re failures and that we’re bad people. However, this sort of self-talk doesn’t do anything but take your self esteem lower.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side list 10 strengths and on the other list 10 weaknesses. It might be difficult to list strengths when you have low self esteem, but write down 10 no matter how small they are.

This list will help you realize not only your strengths, but the things you can do to diminish your weaknesses. Once they’re down on paper, you can take steps to work on them.

Quiet Down Negative Self-Talk

There’s a voice inside everyone’s head now and again and that tells you everything that’s wrong with you (real and imagined) and simply refuses to shut up. When it pops up, think of a word or phrase that you can use to make it stop.

“Stop” is a good go-to. Any word will do so long as it stops the train of thought. Once you do this, use the opportunity to think more constructively. Think about the problem, and try to find a solution.

Take a Moment to Appreciate Yourself

Every day, for just a minute or two, get comfortable and take a deep breath. As yourself what are 3 things you can appreciate about yourself or what are three things that I did that were good? They don’t have to be grand. Even if you just lent someone an ear you can list it.

Remove Perfectionism

We all want to be perfect, but the truth is that the day will never come when you are perfectly perfect. Remember that sometimes, especially when it comes to mental health, good enough is good enough.

Do Art

Forms of artistic expression such as writing, painting, and dancing are great for relieving stress and building confidence since you don’t have to show anybody.

This is also related to the above. Art doesn’t require perfection, so it’s great to kick the perfectionism habit.

Ways to Improve Self Esteem

Think Positive

Self esteem comes from the thoughts we have about ourselves. It’s important to think positive and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Be Kind to Others

It might be a bit cliché, but being kind to others and being generous with your time will improve your self image. You’ll start to feel better about yourself and have more confidence that you are, in fact, a good person.

Set and Work Toward Small Goals

Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves because we never accomplish our goals or keep the promises we make to ourselves. To counteract this, set small simple goals that you can easily accomplish.

Once you have confidence that you can accomplish these goals, you can start setting bigger ones.

Be Kind to Yourself

The things we tell ourselves in our harshest moments can wear us down. Whenever you start admonishing yourself for being useless or stupid ask yourself whether you would say these things to your best friend.

Then remember that you are your best friend.

Count Your Blessings

When you feel down and out it can help to count your blessings and remember all the friends and family who care about you. Be thankful for what you have in life. This can be humbling and rewarding all at the same time.

Become More Active

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better about yourself. Plus, it’s healthy for you. You may find yourself with more energy and more confidence.

Clean Your Area

If you work often at a desk or your house is a mess, then doing a bit of cleaning will help you feel better. It’s hard to think in a messy area, and no one likes working around used cups and empty fast food containers.

Spend Time with People You Love

Spending time with other people can be extremely comforting, and these people like you for who you are. At the same time, try to meet and befriend new people.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other

We’ve all compared ourselves to other more successful people, but this is unhealthy. Remember that everyone has their own problems and insecurities to bear, and that you’re not in competition with anyone.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling depressed and miserable. Make sure you get a full eight hours of sleep. It can do wonders for your mood and self esteem.

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